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  Merv Oakley  
Akira Miyamoto Jim Murr Rolf Kramer


Akira Miyamoto
Akira started Goju Karate-do at age 10 to improve his health and fitness and self control which he has certainly done. He has competed in many tournaments in Japan and Australia and won gold and silver medals in Kumite and Kata. He is currently graded to Ni Dan Ho by Sensei Oakley.

He teaches at the Roseville Dojo and is fluent in Japanese language and Etiquette.

Tournament Results

2007All Japan Goju Tournament, Saitama - Japan
 2nd place: High school section Kumite
2008JKF Goju Kai National Tournament, Melbourne
 2nd: under 65kg mens Kumite
2008Merv Oakley Goju Kai 45th Tournament, Sydney
 2nd: Over 3rd kyu Kata
 3rd: Snr Male under 70kg Kumite
 3rd: Snr Male Open Kumite
2010JKF Goju Kai National Tournament-Brisbane
 2nd: under 65kg mens kumite
2013Merv Oakley Goju Kai 50th Tournament, Sydney
 2nd Place; Open Kata
 1st Place; under 65kg Kumite


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