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  Merv Oakley  
Akira Miyamoto Jim Murr Rolf Kramer


Merv Oakley
6th Dan Shihan

Merv Oakley is head instructor and president of our school. He has more than 50 years experience teaching karate in Australia and in particular Sydney, New South Wales.  Thousands of students have passed through Merv Oakley's school since he introduced the Goju Kai style of Karate to Australia in 1963. In fact, the year 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of this occasion.


Many of Sensei (teacher) Oakley's students have become champions of their time in national and international tournaments. Oakley is one of the most senior ranked Karate Do Goju Kai officials outside Japan. He is authorized to grade students to the level of 5th Dan.


Merv Oakley also holds senior grades in Ryu Kyu Kobudo and Jujitsu. An excellent master and teacher of self defence and martial arts in general. His favourite saying is "stance wrong, everything wrong".


In 1963, Oakley received his Black belt & Teachers certificate for Branch in Australia from Yamaguchi Gogen, the president of zen Nippon Karate-Do Goju-Kai.



In 1967, Oakley received his Masters certificate from Yamaguchi Gogen.


Grand Master Gogen Yamaguchi training with Teruko and Merv Oakley in Sydney 1970.


In 1997, Oakley received the Blitz Magazine Martial Arts Hall of Fame award.



In 2003, Oakley received a fax from Yamaguchi Gosei acknowledging the club's 40th anniversary.



In 2006, Oakley received a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of a lifetime of service to the Martial Arts, by Blacktown Council.




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